This is a project to promote all the Ramsar wetlands in Southern Africa as potential ecotourism destinations. In doing so, we believe the general public will become more aware of these critical natural resources and the challenges to ensure its conservation.

Without a doubt, however, the greatest contribution that tourism makes is in opening minds to the wonders of nature. Every year, millions of visitors and tourists make a point of seeing and experiencing the wonders that nature has to offer. Visitors can, among other things, marvel at the natural beauty of coral reefs and wetlands, enjoy the pleasure of birdwatching and viewing other wildlife, and experiencing first-hand the inherent beauty of rainforests. As the French philosopher Michel Serres once remarked, “There is no travel without learning, and no learning without travel.”
Braulio Dias Executive Secretary, Convention on Biological Diversity

The project leader is Johan Rothmann, who recently completed a similar project to all the ports of entry to South Africa (see http://saportsofentry.blogspot.com). 

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