Project plans

The primary objective of this project is to expose all the Ramsar wetlands in Southern Africa to the general travelling public and in so doing, contribute to the protection and conservation of these critical natural resources.
The project will also assist the local communities surrounding the wetlands by exposing the needs and threats to the future well being of these communities.
The idea is to visit all the Ramsar wetland sites in Southern Africa and to inform the general and travelling public with as much media exposure as possible. 59 Ramsar sites in the following countries are included:
o    South Africa (22)
o    Swaziland (3)
o    Lesotho (1)
o    Namibia (5)
o    Botswana (1)
o    Zambia (8)
o    Malawi (1)
o    Zimbabwe (7)
o    Mozambique (2)
o    Madagascar (9)

The information that will be gathered from each of the Ramsar wetlands is aimed at the average tourist/traveller to create awareness:
o    Location of the Ramsar site
o    Accessibility to the Ramsar site
o    Importance and uniqueness of the Ramsar site
o    Local communities - interactions; challenges; needs
o    Information about tourism possibilities at the Ramsar site
o    Accommodation options at or near the Ramsar site
o    Facilities and activities available at the Ramsar site
o    General information about fauna and flora of the Ramsar site
o    Biggest threats to the wetland
o    What can be done to ensure the preservation and conservation of the site
o    Visual graphics (photos and video footage)