A celebration of Getaway photography

Edited by Justin Fox

Book review by Johan Rothmann – 20 June 2019

If you are a traveler in Africa, you will know that the Getaway magazine has been (and still is) a source of inspiration over the past 30 years to explore the continent. Each of the monthly editions is packed with fascinating articles and stunning photographs. This coffee table book, the fourth one from Getaway, contains a selection of the best photos from readers and journalists that was published during the past decade.
Some photos are on a single full page, some are smaller on a page, and others are full size double-spread over two pages. For each photo a title, photographer’s name, and short description are included.

The photos are categorized into six groups.
People of Africa: unique people and face studies from Ethiopia, Rwanda, Mali, Sudan, Malawi, Gabon, Namibia, and South Africa from West to East coast.

Life in the Wild: this includes photos of Gorillas in Rwanda, Leopards, Cape foxes, Lions playing with its prey, Aardvark having a mud bath, Baboon families, African Buffalo real close, Zebras with their contrasting black and white, Elephants, Hyenas and much more.

Waterworlds: from mysterious life under the oceans, to aerial shots of islands and whales swimming in crystal clear water.

Land shapes: deserts, mountains, electric storms, water pans, night skies, green pastures, river streams.

Up close: macro photography on a macro level. Flowers, insects, reptiles, small amphibians, dew drops on butterflies, to mention just a few.

Taking flight: birds at extreme fast shutter speeds that freeze all wing action, to slower shutters that blur the graceful wings in flight. Birds catching prey, feeding, fighting, flying.

Words cannot describe the impact of looking at these stunning photos. At the reasonable recommended price, this coffee table book is an ideal gift for travelers, nature lovers, and photographers.
The 30-year Safari: A celebration of Getaway photography – edited by Justin Fox
Released May 2019
The book has 144 pages (300 x 270 mm) with a hard cover and dust jacket.
Published by Jacana Media (
ISBN: 978-1-4314-2867-0
Price at the time of this review (June 2019): R295 including VAT